Grounded in dialogue, therapy is a collaborative process that can help you find solutions and feel better in the short term, and which often leads to deeper insights and enduring change over the longer term. My treatment approach draws from psychodynamic theory, mindfulness-based stress reduction practices, cognitive approaches, and family systems models. I offer the freedom of empathic and nonjudgmental perspectives.

All are welcome. For men, who often have fewer opportunities to discuss feelings, I follow your lead in finding new ways to understand yourself and your relationships.

As you can imagine, real change is possible and often likely, with commitment and consistency on both our parts. There is no rapid fix - our cyclical patterns are created over time and repetition, and changing them will take some of both. With that in mind, our work will be in-depth, thorough, and substantive, and, in my experience, this is how we create understanding and thus change. The article below offers some information and perspective on the type of treatment we'll be doing.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Brings Lasting Benefits through Self-Knowledge Patients Continue to Improve After Treatment Ends, New Study Finds. Jonathan Shedler, 2010.